Following last week’s additions of Brek and Kalios, comes the news that Afreeca Freecs Blue have lost their star tank player Mano to rivals LW Blue. Most recently seen crushing European dreams in the World Cup with South Korea, Mano’s impressive tank play was a big part of AF Blue’s 3rd place run last season in APEX. It appears that the lure of LuxuryWatch Blue’s star studded roster has proven stronger than the encouraging progress made by AF Blue.

Brek will be taking over main tank duties alongside Kalios as AF Blue look to build on last season. They only lost one game, a 4-0 drubbing in the semifinals to eventual champions Lunatic-Hai, but that was enough to relegate them to a third place finish.

Two more understudies have been brought in to keep the starting six on their toes. Tydolla and InY0uNg both have a history with the now-defunct sister team, AF Red, although InY0uNg had only joined after Tydolla left for ROX Orcas in May. When AF Red was shuttered in July as a cost-cutting exercise the only survivor was InY0uNg. He had remained contracted as an inactive member of the AF Blue roster, but now finds himself reactivated as a second string support.

As for Tydolla, It seems unlikely that he will take ArHaN or Recry's starting position, but he will certainly give them additional depth, having playing a wide range of heroes for ROX Orcas that included everything from D.Va to Sombra and back again. With eight players now declared it seems that DongHyun will remain inactive for the duration on Season 4 having stepped down due to fatigue.

They will begin their Season 4 campaign in one of the easiest groups as once again the seeding gods smile on the Freecs, grouping them with three Challenger teams. Their stiffest competition appears to be LuxuryWatch Red, but in all likelihood they will cruise into the next round.

The Afreeca Freecs Blue roster for APEX Season 4 is:

  • Jeong "ArHaN" Weon-hyeop (DPS)
  • Jeong "Recry" Taek-hyun (DPS)
  • Shin ”Kalios” Woo-Yeol (Flex)
  • Son ”Brek” Yong Ha (Tank)
  • Yoo "Lucid" Jun-seo (Support)
  • Park "iDK" Ho-jin (Support)
  • Jung "Tydolla" Seung-Min (Backup Flex)
  • Lee "InY0uNg" In-Yeong (Backup Support)
  • Kim "TaiRong" Tae-yeong (Coach)