Nikolaj "Zaprey" Ian Moyes looks to be the final piece of the puzzle for Copenhagen Flames' rebuilding process that began in June with the removal of DPS Makaveli and support Hastrup. Just over a month later fellow DPS Mauz and tank Henningsen were also removed. This made way for a three player acquisition. SpoXeZ and Mono, formerly of Magistra, on DPS and support respectively. Alongside Team Singularity GorillazPaghminister on the tank role.

A couple of weeks ago Copenhagen Flames announced the addition of Zaprey to round out the all Danish line-up. The relatively unknown squad will look to build a name for themselves in the open circuit with their fully formed roster. Since joining they have taken third place in the recent ESL Go4 Weekly Cup #62, only losing to eventual winners Vivi’s Adventure.

Near the beginning of Overwatch’s life in the days of double Winston/Lucio/Tracer, Zaprey was one of the rising DPS stars of Europe. Competing for Misfits and having a string of successful online results, culminating in a group stage elimination at the Atlantic Showdown. Since then Zaprey has disappeared from top level play, aside from a brief spell in Laser Kittenz back in March. During his few appearances he has still looked capable of playing at the highest level but has been unable to capture his original form. A lesser known team that can dedicate more resources to Zaprey may be just what he needs to climb back into significance. In exchange Copenhagen Flames bolstered their roster with an experienced and talented player whose true potential may yet to be unlocked. With no major tournaments on the horizon for the Danes, they will have time to integrate Zaprey in online cups as they await a bigger opportunity.

The Copenhagen Flames roster is:

  • Nikolaj “Zaprey” Ian Moyes (DPS)
  • Bertram “SpoXez” Hvass (DPS)
  • Nikolai “naGGa” Dereli (Flex)
  • Casper “PaghMinister” Larsen (Tank)
  • Philip “Watio” Nielsen (Support)
  • Martin “Mono” Madsen (Support)