Miraculous Youngster have reclaimed bragging rights for Chinese Overwatch as a result of their victory in the Nexus Cup Summer 2017, after the previous three Nexus Cup events were claimed by Korean teams.

MY made their way to the event through the Chinese qualifiers, from which four teams earned their right to compete against four invited Korean squads in a double elimination playoff bracket. The team made relatively light work of the upper-bracket, felling APEX teams NC Foxes, Kongdoo Uncia and RunAway in a trio of 2-0 sweeps and thus qualifying for the best-of-seven Grand Final. MY entered with confidence, having already defeated fellow finalists RunAway 2-0 in the upper-bracket final. The result was no different the second time around as MY secured first place with an impressive 4-0 victory.

The end result was surprising to say the least, with the upstart Chinese team defeating quality Korean rosters that were originally penned as favorites to win the cup. A first place finish marks a major step forward for MY, who finished sixth in OWPS Spring. However, the nature of the online cup should be kept in mind before jumping to hasty conclusions, for example the first map of every match was played on Horizon Lunar Colony as per tournament rules. Nevertheless, a tournament win is a tournament win and MY will enjoy the benefit of a boost in reputation and ¥40,000 of prize money.

Noticeable throughout much of MY's play was what has been coined as an "anti-dive comp", utilizing the largely forgotten heroes Reinhardt and Zarya to repel enemy dives. With a new patch released and Team South Korea showcasing their own anti-dive composition in exhibition matches perhaps the winds of change have arrived for the dominant dive meta, although some would claim that MY's Korean competition failed to effectively react to the line-ups they were presented with.

Now that the Nexus Cup is wrapped up the focus of Chinese Overwatch will shift to OWPS Summer. As a top eight team of the previous season MY will compete in the tournament, looking to prove that their Nexus Cup victory really was a sign that they have taken the next step.

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