Scylla Esports have been noteably absent from Australia Overwatch ever since the end of the CyberGamer OCE Circuit in May, having withdraw from competition to enter a lengthy rebuilding phase. The squid squad has finally announced its return, with five new players joining Project and usmc.

Swilko, eLim, Molotov, Legabril and Joker are the team's new blood. Swilko and eLim became teamless after Defuse and Plot1 disbanded following the conclusion of the OCE Circuit, whilst Molotov has drifted since the death of Nemesis. Legabril is a relatively new player in the competitive scene, garnering attention after being chosen for the New Zealand World Cup team earlier this year. Joker rounds out the roster as the team's bench player.

I got in touch with team leader and DPS player Project to shed some light on Scylla Esport’s new roster:

It’s been awhile since we last saw Scylla Esports in action, how long was the trial process for the new roster?

Project: It’s been in the works for a couple months honestly. Over the last trial period and this one I’ve been taking it slowly and more or less getting a better feel for players over a longer period of time so that I’m positive I’m picking the right players.

The majority of the players will be known to fans of OCE Overwatch but Legabril will be a new name to many, at least until he competes at the World Cup qualifiers in Burbank. How do you rate him as a player?

P: In terms of his role Legabril has been an exceptional player. He has a real passion for the game and a standout personality for someone of his age. He is committed to the game but is also able to have a laugh and a good time during scrims. I think amongst the Australian main tanks I would rate him top 5, his only downside besides mechanics when compared to the likes of Trill or quatz is that he doesn’t match their level of communication. But that is usually what happens when players move from matchmaking to scrims.

Does the team plan to compete in any CyberGamer Weeklies in the immediate future or are you going to wait for the next season of the CyberGamer OCE Circuit before you compete again?

P: We have a lot of things to work around. As you mentioned Legabril is part of the New Zealand World Cup team, we want them to do well so some days he will be scrimming with them. Several of our members also have educational and work commitments so we are taking it real slow. We aren’t about smashing out 8 hour scrims for the first 2 months to ensure we make a name for ourselves, we are after more efficient means of progressing.

What are your goals for the team?

P: In my opinion a big goal that sets us apart from the rest of the scene is our minds are set to the long term. We aren't necessarily wrapped up in dream short term results, we all have personalities and passion that will allow us to thrive in the long term barring any breakdowns. We are looking to just work together as a team to improve steadily and aren't after challenging the top teams right away. Sure, ultimately we have our sights set high but we know the road there is a long one, so for us it's about taking our time as we travel it.

Thanks for your time Project!

P: Thanks Mert!

The Scylla Esports roster is now:

  • Nicholas "Project" O'Brien (DPS)
  • Connor "eLim" O'Leary (DPS)
  • Ahmad "usmc" R (Flex)
  • Legabril (Tank)
  • Molotov (Support)
  • "Swilko" (Support)
  • "Joker" (Substitute)