Alfa Squad announced this week that Ana/Zen support Perttu and flex cheridormi had decided to step down from the roster, with the team conducting try-outs for the two slots. DPS BigG00se has also left Alfa Squad, has learned, to join a new, as yet undisclosed, team.

Alfa Squad, previously a fully Finnish team, has decided to expand their roster to other nationalities by switching communication over to English. The language switch substantially opens the pool of potential players, with many free agents available in Europe and North America - though most are searching for teams with organisational support.

Alfa Squad had reasonable results coming into Contenders Season Zero. They had already racked up results against Seqta and Vivi's Adventure in the TaKeOver 2 qualifiers, and built on that in the Contenders qualifiers with wins over UB Team and ZenGaming to get into Season Zero.

In Group D, Alfa Squad were able to draw with Cyclowns and 123 in the first week, taking two map wins and a draw from Movistar Riders throughout the double round-robin group as well. They were unable to qualify for Season One after losing to 123 in the second week, but kept up with some of the better teams in the tournament.

cheridormi and Perttu are reportedly taking breaks, while BigG00se accepted an offer from another team that he is not ready to announce.

The Alfa Squad announcement also notes that Oksii, a German analyst and former pro from spring 2016, will be sticking with the team. The process from here is one of rebuilding for Alfa Squad, attempting to grow back into a strong tier two contender in Europe.

Alfa Squad's now incomplete roster is:

  • Matias "Lalli" Kivimäki (DPS)
  • Aleksi "akke" Kivimäki (Tank)
  • Veikka "Talisman" Laine (Support)