ARC 6, the rebrand of team YIKES!, announced recently that their longterm Lucio Dahun would no longer be with the team.

The official announcement read:

Effective immediately, Dahun will no longer be an active member of our Overwatch Roster. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank him for the immense help he’s provided to the team, helping us start from nothing and become Overwatch Monthly Melee Champions. We are sure that he will find a new home quickly and will be working with him closely to ensure a smooth transition.

We have begun trying out players and will update our fans as soon as our 6th is locked in.

The team has seen a rise to notoriety in the last three months, with a victory in the Overwatch Monthly Melee: May as the crown jewel of their results. They seemed unable to hit that level consistently afterwards, knocked out in the quarterfinals of the Rivalcade Memorial Day Rumble.

ARC 6 narrowly missed out on Contenders Season Zero playoffs, tying with Tempo Storm and losing to FNRGFE, forced to relinquish their grip on the spot.

The team is trialling new Lucio supports, with custa and Kaboomz reportedly involved in the mix, and ARC 6 intends to field their new roster in the BEAT Invitational Season 2 on July 7th.

Dahun has been with the team since their formation, with a strong hand in gathering the talent together, and watched the team progress up the ranks as they moved from Denial to YIKES! and then to ARC 6. After their performance in Contenders Season Zero, Dahun reportedly wanted to move into a coaching position for the team. Though the majority of the players were happy with that shift in roles, one was not, apparently leading to the split.

Dahun is now a free agent, and says he has had some “interesting offers that I’m looking into that I didn’t expect to get”. Though at the end of his time on ARC 6, Dahun was aiming to shift to coach, he says he is open to coaching or playing roles depending on the offer.

The incomplete ARC 6 roster is:

  • Derek ”zZa” Johnson (DPS)
  • Dante ”Danteh” Cruz (DPS)
  • Indy ”SPACE” Halpern (Flex)
  • Félix ”xQc” Lengyel (Tank)
  • Brice ”Gingerpop” Breakey (Support)