Earlier this month, BEAT announced the second season of their BEAT Invitiational Overwatch tournaments. One year after the original, it was set to pit the best of North America against each other for $5,000.

The best in NA, that is, other than Rogue, who were competing in Korea while invites were handed out. After an early elimination in groups to potentially the two best teams in APEX, Rogue competed in TaKeOver 2 and smashed the competition before returning to North America hungry for teams to devour.

The lions have been allowed entry to BEAT now after Team Liquid had to drop out, with the announcement citing “prior commitments”.

Rogue competed in the first BEAT Invitational back in June and July 2016. This was the former roster with TviQ and Reinforce, but before adding KnOxXx to the roster. They were beaten 0-3 by EnVyUs, though with the caveat of playing on high ping from Europe. Now Rogue are living in NA and are strong favourites to take the tournament.

Invited teams

The schedule has also been released, and you can follow the action live from our BEAT Invitational Season 2 event page on over.gg.

The bracket sees new additions Rogue going up against Tempo Storm in the first round of the double elimination bracket, meeting either Cloud9 or ARC 6 next if they progress.

Rogue have been absent from the Contenders proceedings recently, resting easy with their direct invite to Contenders Season 1. Of the teams competing in BEAT, Immortals and LG Evil are the only teams to have made it through to Contenders playoffs. Both teams could take the tournament but will meet each other in the semifinals.

BEAT Invitational, though not quite featuring the eight best teams in North America, will be a great opportunity for revenge of all kinds, and for up and coming NA teams to prove themselves again.