Team expert has signed the rising talents previously seen playing as ex-ALTERNATE aTTax. The Team expert organisation represents the German esports arm of a Swiss consumer electronics company, Expert International GmbH. As part of the organisation’s support, the team will be moving full time to a gaming house in late May.

The announcement video, which you can watch below, shows the organisation’s cabin-cum-mansion in the heart of Bavaria where the team will be living from the end of May. The players visited their future house in Bad Tölz last week, “instantly clicking as friends” according to Norwegian tank Decod.

Team expert will be hoping to mirror the success of fellow European team Movistar Riders, who moved into a team house after being signed and dug deep into practising with analysts, propelling them to success.

Thumbnail from left to right: Ruby, Decod, Invision (front), NexX (back), CRNKz, Talyz. Image credit: Team expert

The roster left their previous organisation at the beginning of April, revealing that negotiations were well underway with another org, now revealed as Team expert. “They are so nice to us and they treat us like a family!” Decod said about his new organisation, “we felt welcome from the moment we arrived in Munich.”

The team is scheduled to play in the two qualifiers for TaKeOver 2 on May 6th and 13th, though will face stiff competition with only a single slot available in each qualifying tournament. The players will not be playing from the gaming house at that point, and it is unclear yet which tournament will be their first together as a team in Bad Tölz.

The team will reportedly have one house for scrimming and streaming, another for living quarters, and one for physical training. Team expert are planning to ramp up their practice, health, and mental edge to contest the best teams in Europe.

The Team expert roster is:

  • Greger ”Invision” Herland (DPS)
  • Joshua ”CRNKz” Santana (DPS)
  • Dominik ”NexX” Scheerer (Flex)
  • Jørgen ”Decod” Myrlund (Tank)
  • Alexander ”Ruby” Arvsell (Support)
  • Marcel ”Talyz” Sieprath (Support)