After an exciting edition of the Overwatch Monthly Melee in March, the teams have now been announced for April's edition. RunAway and Brazil Gaming House were unable to make much headway in the previous edition, but still provided exciting maps within the group stage and beyond despite ping disadvantages. This edition will see the return of foreign teams, as Meta Athena comes to compete fresh off a fourth place finish at APEX.

Group A

  • Selfless Gaming
  • NRG Esports
  • Immortals
  • Lower bracket winner (qualifiers)

Group A packs an NRG Esports hungry for competition. The team has been absent from the professional scene for some months and with newly signed superstar iddqd, they look to make waves within the scene immediately. Selfless is the obvious favorite of the group, as they've dominated the North American scene outside of Rogue. Immortals recently took a victory at the Carbon Series too, so the group has no real slouch. The lower bracket qualifier will have a tough time toppling Group A.

Group B

  • Rogue
  • LG Evil
  • Meta Athena
  • Upper bracket winner (qualifiers)

In the more interesting of the two groups, we will finally see Rogue's aggressive playstyle tested against the ingenuity of Meta Athena. While they finished fourth place in APEX, the team is clearly a strong contender given their long win-streak before and their defeat of previous kings of NA, Team EnVyUs. However, they'll have to ensure that they do not fall to the same fate as the last Korean team to participate. LG Evil will have a tough time in this group should the ping not play much role against Meta Athena, but they are certainly a capable team and demonstrated the ability to come back despite an 0-3 group stage last month.

The prize money will be broken down as usual:

  • 1st: $6,000
  • 2nd: $3,000
  • 3rd: $1,000

The format follows the same as the last, where all eight teams advance to bracket play. Four will move on through the upper bracket, while the remaining four will fall to the lower bracket immediately. Qualifiers for the final two seeds will take place on April 14.