After newly forming their roster and managing their day-to-day activities, Alicus announced his plans to take the Laser Kittenz to South Korea for a bootcamp later in April. The bootcamp will come off the back of the team's performance in the Overwatch PIT Championship, where they qualified for the playoffs as the fourth seed of European group A.

Alicus has previously visited Korea while he served as the manager for Misfits, and knows of the power of Korean bootcamps from his experiences in League of Legends. His last visit spanned over five months, starting with the League of Legends roster in late September. He additionally helped set the Misfits Overwatch team up during their visits for IEM and APEX in December and January. His team will likely be accompanied by eUnited, who have also announced an upcoming Korean bootcamp recently.

It's clear that Alicus plans to improve the roster as quickly as possible and will use the Korean experience to accelerate that improvement. He promises to bring in people who will be able to help with this vision as well while the team practices in Korea.

Of course, the bootcamp is contingent on whether or not Laser Kittenz star Kyb decides to actually board the plane!