Formerly known as bird noises and Hammers Esports, the six-man squad of overachievers have secured another step up by the name of a sponsorship from Luminosity Gaming. The Luminosity organization has been highly active within Overwatch, first picking up the mixup roster and later creating a European squad which still remains with the brand.

This roster has made waves in North American Overwatch, defeating the likes of Immortals, FaZe, compLexity, and Luminosity (the other team) in tournaments. They even won an Alienware Monthly Melee and placed second at another after Rogue's NA invasion. The team has been on the rise for several months, and were likely deserving of a higher profile sponsor.

Of course, the European roster will remain with the organization, but rebranded as well. Luminosity #1 is now LG Loyal, while their NA brethren are now known as LG Evil. Edgy names, but they're certainly catchy. The two teams will likely continue to compete in the Carbon Series, a tournament featuring six teams where they are both competing, with Loyal donning traditional light blue and Evil rocking a shade of light green.

With this signing, LG Evil's roster is as follows:

  • Jake "Jake" Lyon (DPS)
  • Rasheeq "Train" Rahman (DPS)
  • Matthew "Voll" Wallace (Flex)
  • Matthew "super" DiLisi (Tank)
  • Robert "rob420" Garcia (Support)
  • Connor "Avast" Prince (Support)
  • Matthew "Precision" Cannon (Coach)

Update: LG Evil will not be moving into a team house. Team members cite their busy schedules as the main reason, as all six members are currently completing their education and play Overwatch part-time.