Tespa’s Collegiate Overwatch Championship is finally coming to a close with live LAN finals hosted at UC San Diego on February 19th. Four teams will be competing for their chance at over $100,000 in the form of scholarships and prizes as well as the opportunity to establish their respective universities at the top of the Competitive Overwatch Scene.

Each of the four teams beat out over 230 other college teams from their respective regions in order to qualify for the LAN championship. Teams competing this weekend are: University of Toronto (North), UT Austin (South), Rutgers (East), and UC Berkley (West).


Sunday 19th February

Broadcast Talent

  • James ”Jamerson” Lee
  • Ben ”FishStix” Goldhaber
  • Seamus ”Seamoose” Anderson
  • Joshua ”Piscator” Lee

Twitch Stream
MLG Stream


UofT Overwatch (Toronto)

  • Ronald "Renanthera(DPS)" L.
  • Abdullah "laiier" M.
  • David "Dimes" H.
  • Talon "TalonS" S.
  • Marco "Funanah" C.
  • Mohid "MrBleeple" A.

UT Longhorns (UT Austin)

  • Edward "OtterInWater" E.
  • Skyler "sscott" S.
  • Travis "Tchaukovsky" C.
  • Ken "CHIEF" K.
  • Junheung "TalNorY" L.
  • Patrick "Regiciding" Y.

RU Scarlet Knights (Rutgers)

  • Faris "Lefty" A.
  • Stephen "chknNwaffles" B.
  • Lin-Bong "LiNtendo64" L.
  • Nicholas "Aikogo" L.
  • Eamon "Fitz" F.
  • David "gtfooh67" K.

CAL Overwatch (UC Berkeley)

  • Kyle "KyleFLoL" F.
  • Geoffrey "Stighl" C.
  • Kevin "Redicecream" D.
  • Daniel "Alined" L.
  • Gandira "Syeikh" P.
  • Jeremy "th3ch0wst3r" C.