Artur "art1er" Bischof and Rasmus "Draceus" Waern have both announced their departure from team Flat Earth, a reformed team with ties to the early days of Overwatch. Both art1er and Draceus were members of the original Flat Earth roster which featured LiNkzr and Bromas of Dignitas, numlocked of NRG, and KnoxXx of Rogue.

The roster was at one point a contestant for the title of best team in Europe, and transitioned to the Creation eSports brand after gaining notoriety in the beta. However, it was after Creation eSports sold the team to Dignitas that the roster began to struggle. After Dignitas cut art1er due to a poor showing at the Overwatch Open, and Draceus left after continued struggles, the pair returned to the Flat Earth name in an attempt to regain their former glory. They built a team from available talent in Europe, but according to art1er, the results were not exactly what they expected.

Draceus later confirmed his departure in a tweet, and he currently lists himself as the Overwatch community manager for WEG, a developing online ladder akin to ESEA and FACEIT. In accompanying tweets from the rest of the team, Flat Earth was confirmed to have disbanded, with very little likelihood of returning. The rest of the roster is now listed as free agents.

Before the team disbanded, Flat Earth's roster was:

  • Artur "art1er" Bischof (DPS)
  • Edoardo "carnifex" Badolato (DPS)
  • Martin "outc1der" Janowiak (Flex)
  • Aleksi "akke" Kivimäki (Tank)
  • Rasmus "Draceus" Waern (Support)
  • Luke "iuKeEe" Dainton (Support)