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The earth is round—Flat Earth disbands in News

When will Draceus and Art1er strike gold again :(

posted 11 months ago
Overwatch pros on patch frequency and timing in News

I totally agree with small incremental patches and solve one problem at a time.
Timing is definitely the more crucial thing... What are these mid group stage patches and stuff...

posted about a year ago
Pro NA players on Ana vs. Zen & if Ana is OP in News

"Made Hanzo more skill-based"

posted about a year ago
Pro NA players' thoughts on Korean Overwatch in News

Some people are believing that Koreans are actually more skilled mechanically, simply because some well-known personalities brought up that Koreans also have a large competitive FPS scene.

However, the fact is, if you actually played with Koreans, or just compare top tier players, Korean players are simply not as good mechanically. It's quite an objective thing and people too easily get defensive.

posted about a year ago
Fnatic Vonethil at MLG Vegas: "I love Hafficool" in News

Honestly I don't think Lelouch was cheating, but I couldn't care less if any of these people are toxic or not. It's totally irrelevant. Have you guys never watched normal sports? Everyone is toxic. Just don't let people get to you and win.

posted about a year ago
AF.Blue sign Mano & AMY for JIN and Yesman in News

This could be a good change. Jin has always been quite a weak link in AF Blue in my opinion. The most memorable thing to me first time watching the team was some seriously questionable bubble usage from Jin's Zarya, and some really teammate-baiting positioning or ults from all his heroes.

posted about a year ago