At the beginning of this year, REUNITED shocked fans with their announcement that the org was shutting down. The announcement came almost immediately after news that Winghaven and ONIGOD had been removed from the team; now their replacements have been officially confirmed by Kruise to us as sharyk and Rubikon.

ex-REUNITED played yesterday in the StriveWire Monthly Brawl with their two new recruits. Kruise has also moved from Lucio to DPS, seen almost exclusively on Genji throughout the tournament. While the team was primarily playing triple dps in a dive composition, uNFixed took up the flex role for his team and switched between a variety of key heroes. Morte has moved from flex support to Lucio to facilitate Kruise.

sharyk has directly taken over Winghaven’s role on main tank, while Rubikon has slotted into the flex support role. Rubikon played a large amount of Zenyatta throughout the tournament, moving to Ana mostly in defensive situations or with a less dive-oriented composition.

In the StriveWire Monthly Brawl, ex-REUNITED finished 2nd in their group, losing their initial game against Pale Golden Rod, but beat them in the group decider match to make playoffs.

A competitive and high-level game immediately followed in the quarterfinals as they took on The Chavs, coming out with a 2-1 win. They had a similar game against Dignitas in the semifinals, though playing dive vs. dive rather than against a tanky lineup this time.

After beating two of the stronger teams in the competition, ex-REUNITED made the finals to compete against GamersOrigin, a solid French side. They ground down GamersOrigin on two Control maps, interspersed with a win on Eichenwalde, to take the series and the tournament 3-0.

Speaking on their win and the new team, Kruise said:

[I’m] really happy with how the team is playing, I personally started this tournament off pretty poorly, but the last few games I found my groove again and it felt really good. Excited for the future!

He also revealed that the team is in talks with an organisation, hopefully concluding soon.

For now without an organisation behind them, the team roster is:

  • Hendrik-William "vallutaja" Kinks (DPS)
  • Andrei "uNFixed" Leonov (DPS)
  • Harrison "Kruise" Pond (DPS)
  • Normunds "sharyk" Faterins (Tank)
  • Ruben "Rubikon" Zurabyan (Flex Support)
  • Thomas "Morte" Kerbusch (Support)