Two days ago it emerged on Twitter that Andreas "Epzz" Wallvingskog had parted ways with PENTA Sports in the wake of their 5th place finished at the DreamHack Winter Overwatch Championship. On further investigation it transpires that former team captain Dennis "Dennia" Forsblom is also out of the team.

Their reputable finish at DreamHack saw them beat out close rivals mousesports to finish second behind LDLC in the BYOC tournament on Day 1. Ultimately, they would be knocked out of the main event on the final day by the Sombra shenanigans of CompLexity Gaming in the Group A Decider rematch, where they lost 1-2 after taking a lead in the series on King's Row.

Despite a solid showing the team felt that their performance had just served to highlight internal problems and came to the conclusion that changes needed to be made. So the Swedish support duo that comprised of Dennia on Lucio and Epzz as Ana / Zenyatta are out of the roster and replacements are currently being sought. I reached out to Cuddles who joined the team as coach ten days ago in the lead up to DreamHack Winter to clarify the situation:

"We recently had to make two very important decisions regarding our supports, it was evident to the team and to me as a coach that we were underperforming as a team and that we had some internal struggles. After Dreamhack we had a long discussion as a team that for us to succeed things needed to be changed. We felt we needed experienced, mature players with a slightly different skill set. Dennia and Epzz are very talented players, but we feel that a roster change will bring confidence and calmness into the team, which will help us to make progress into 2017. We want to use this opportunity to thank Dennia and Epzz and give a shoutout to all teams searching players: Both of them are very talented and will continue to stay active in the scene."

Recently the roster has been trying out Tek in the offtank role and velan as support role with BALLOC moving from offtank to flex support. Flippy and Tek have an extensive esports history together in both Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch (G2, Cooldown and melty) and will be hoping to rekindle the magic with Tek playing as the D. Va to Flippy's Soldier 76. Dennia and Epzz are both currently looking for teams.

The PENTA Sports roster is currently:

  • Akke "Akke" Kivimaki (Tank)
  • Sebastian "BALLOC" Berendt (Flex Support)
  • Lalli "Lalli" Kivimaki (DPS)
  • Hugo "Flippy" Perhirin (DPS)
  • Henry "Cuddles" Coxall (Coach)