Today the eight top teams in OGN APEX Season 1 were decided and the playoff bracket was drawn. The group stage saw 16 teams - 12 Korean and 4 Western - play in four round-robin groups for a spot in the bracket and a slice of $178,000. The top two teams from each group advanced to the playoffs, while the bottom teams in each group had to play to avoid relegation.

Following the conclusion of the group stage today, the eight top teams are:

1st Seeds

  • Rogue
  • BK Stars
  • Lunatic-Hai

2nd Seeds

  • Afreeca Freecs Blue
  • KongDoo Uncia
  • Team EnVyUs
  • Luxury Watch Blue

OGN implemented a group draw system, which saw the 1st seed teams pick their place in the bracket and then their opponent from the 2nd seed teams. In order to determine order, the captains of Rogue, BK Stars, Lunatic-Hai, and REUNITED pulled balls out of a bowl randomly.

The choice for their place in the bracket also made a difference to the day of the Quarter Final match, with teams in the bottom arm of the bracket playing on Monday rather than Friday, giving them an extra weekend to practise the new patch.

Lunatic-Hai got first pick, and chose to play on the bottom arm of the bracket against KongDoo Uncia. BK Stars followed and chose to play in the top arm of the bracket, possibly to avoid Lunatic-Hai, opting for Luxury Watch Blue as their opponents.

With EnVyUs and Afreeca Freecs Blue left, and the choice between playing on Friday or Monday, Rogue stepped up to pick. They chose to play on Monday, allowing them extra time to practice on the new patch, and then surprisingly chose EnVyUs in their Quarter Final game. This means they must beat nV and then Lunatic-Hai to get to the Grand Finals.

In light of Talespin stepping down from EnVyUs, this choice now makes a lot more sense. aKm alluded to practise and visa problems for EnVyUs as their reason for the choice, and they will now have an opportunity to take out the top North American team before they have a chance to practice with the replacement on a new patch.

OGN APEX Season 1 Playoff Bracket

OGN APEX Season 1 Playoff Bracket. Image credit: Liquipedia