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#24 Selfless vs. NRG – Overwatch Monthly Melee April 2017 Groups Group A in Matches

posted 2 weeks ago
#3 Editorial: We are stifling European Overwatch in News

The sad part is that euro OW is miles ahead of everyone in NA too. Hope to see you euro brothers do big things whenever blizz supports both scenes equally.

posted 3 months ago
#4 hastr0 confirms Mickie will join EnVyUs live at MLG Vegas in News
over.ggThe seed for Mickie's serendipitous arrival was sown at BlizzCon where INTERNETHULK and he exchanged Skype details. This was even before HULK learned that Talespin was on the way out, as he told Sideshow during his interview on Day 2 of MLG Vegas.

That feel when you tried to fuck your team over 4 days before a major match but the team was better without you anyway.

That's a fucking sick spin of a tale if I've ever seen one.

posted 4 months ago
#1 nV vs. FaZe – MLG Vegas Invitational MLG Vegas Playoffs Final in Matches

posted 4 months ago
#5 CLG picks up The 1 Percent live at MLG Vegas in News

knew it 2 months ago but still really questionable

posted 4 months ago
#8 OGN APEX playoff bracket drawn in News
runokealfaeven if they didn't know, they would probably rather play a team they can consistently have good games against and know well rather than korean gods who know the meta in and out no?They had 1 official game with EnVyUs which ended 3-2 in the last 3 months and they crushed Afreeca Blue (their second possible choice) two times 3-1 and 3-0 recently.

You realize those teams scrim each other probably a lot right? They know their strengths better than me or you so it would only make sense they pick enVy based on said criteria.

posted 5 months ago
#6 OGN APEX playoff bracket drawn in News

even if they didn't know, they would probably rather play a team they can consistently have good games against and know well rather than korean gods who know the meta in and out no?

posted 5 months ago
#24 Talespin steps down from EnVyUs in News

"I want to leave personal issues private"

*goes ahead and indirectly shits on Taimou*

posted 5 months ago
#22 Allegations fly as Bird leaves Northern Gaming Red in News

Oh hey here come the personal attacks boys. Notice, I didn't say anything personal to you and immediately you tried defending yourself by talking shit? Good one my man, you truly hurt my feelings about videogames. I think I need to give up my internet rights after that one because it's quite the art to derive the argument from your sponsor and my point to shit talk me and compare OW to TF2 (lol?). Yes higher level teams IN TF2 do fuck around, but we never fucked around a team we haven't played before IN TF2 AND OW. You always play an unknown team first (no we never fucking got open scrims, even IM scrims we tried hard in the FIRST scrim), if it's a quick 5-0 you can decide after that how much of a shit you give about playing them again. It's just courtesy to not waste people's time and they might prove a good scrim partner, but I won't bring up your personal education regarding morals as this isn't the place.

Now, this is a NEW game which people transitioned to. Everyone wanted to start learning it regardless of history in TF2, didn't matter if you were top or bottom invite as this is a new game. Even if we haven't played the map much, you could a) switch to a map we practiced and give you a better game, b) go with the map and see how good we are or c) not play us???. It's great that you're getting payed to fuck around and talk shit while streaming, at least next time have the decency to give a serious scrim while doing it. And you probably don't understand this concept since you burn every bridge possible in games you play, but I will play with people regardless if I cut them or they cut me, same with a lot of other people. I know it must be crazy right, how can you still be friends over a videogame? Fucking INSANE concept, never before seen footage of people playing videogames together for fun.

I have nothing more to bring up on a public forum as getting points across to you seems really futile, but you're welcome to continue this and message me on bnet at alfa#1429 or @alfatf2 (yes I have less followers than you, bring that up in your reply to burn me).

posted 8 months ago
#17 Allegations fly as Bird leaves Northern Gaming Red in News

Typical Mangachu team in any game, why am I not surprised?

But I am surprised that their owner encourages their team to fuck around in scrims and pays them to talk shit about it WHILE they are streaming, then again I never heard of that org before so we can't expect much either. Please do reply to me with "how does our owner encourage us to fuck around" so you can link the VOD back when the game came out and doing exactly that on your stream (assuming you didn't remove it because of how cringy and shameful it was). Wasting time of 6 other players and then still losing to a newly formed team who hasn't touched the game before must be what NG aimes for as an org right?

posted 8 months ago
#3 av3k joins TF2 stars to form team Fortress in News


posted 10 months ago
#6 Rogue release iddqd in News
dummyThere are also a lot of aspects outside the game that a coach can help with like attitude, organization, discipline, keeping everyone on the same page, etc

I mean isn't that what a manager does? You're right that a coach criticizes obvious mistakes and is another pair of eyes to look at things but the rest can be also be done by just a manager who shows up at events to high five the players and keep them organized. Exactly what Stunna does pretty much while Irukandji coaches Cloud9 if you want to look at it that way. To me it seems in OW so far, no one who calls himself a coach actually does anything that a player can't do and watching streams of people scrimming didn't record any calls or input from any coach or outside source in any of the games. If you compare it to the CSGO/LoL coaches and such those guys actually have input while the team plays from what I've seen so far. I would compare it to real sports but that's taboo and makes people angry if I do.

tl;dr: Idk man it just seems weird to have people call themselves coaches when they don't do anything an actual coach does in any game/sport/whatever there is.

posted 10 months ago
#4 Rogue release iddqd in News
messiahHoly shit why are you even remotely ticked off about someone calling them self a "team coach"? These "coaches" at LAN events are nothing else then just a hype man like you described and I don't understand that this angers you lol.

I doubt a gaming coach would watch every players individual POV and give insight. Are you kidding? That's really up to the team to do, let alone themselves..

Do you even have any idea what a coach entails (what you described in the last sentence is AN ANALYST)? Every coach for ANY other game (dota/LoL/csgo) is an experienced person with history in the game that has played or has been involved in high level play for a LONG time. Taking that title and showing it off looks and sounds really dumb and I'm ticked off because I have friends who are coaches in the games I listed above and actually worked hard for it, not just branded themselves as coaches. And it's my own opinion on the matter, you being mad at me for expressing something backed by how new the game is makes you seem like having more of a personal matter with me than giving a shit about who's a coach or not.

If you want to have an actual discussion, message me and leave it off this beautifully written article by Admirable, people don't need to see a page-long argument on a really stupid matter. Or tweet at me at @alfatf2 !

posted 10 months ago
#2 Rogue release iddqd in News

Ok how in the fuck are there coaches in this game when the game itself has been out for only 2 weeks now? And on top of that everyone is pushing for a 1 hero limit which means changing most of the comps you learned and forces you to you relearn the game, making it so EVERYONE learns the game at the same time and rendering most things you could be "coaching" useless (don't confuse with a manager who is just there to book flights for the team and give high fives)

Sorry but it seems such a stupid thing for this game at the moment to call yourself a coach in, guess I'm going to wallmart to buy a whiteboard and analyze the vectors of a monkey jumping across the map to strike Mercy down with pinpoint melee accuracy while taking advantage of the environment. While at it I guess I'll analyze how you can grapple into 6 enemies with WALLHACKS on since the game is that hard, and then call it coaching by telling the team not to feed?

posted 10 months ago
#12 tournament 11/14 in General Discussion

no quake pros team? dang

posted about a year ago
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