Dignitas have just removed two of their long-standing players, tank numlocked and support art1er. The team has been underwhelming since their slump from a top three team; along with a string of poor online performances, they failed to get out of groups in the Atlantic Showdown or the recent Overwatch Open. Sources have confirmed that the roster Dignitas used in the DreamHack Winter qualifiers is intended to be permanent, with former NWA supports evokje and Veineless expected to be signed soon.

Dignitas reportedly removed their two former players, who have been with the team since their time as Flat Earth, before the weekend. They then used their new roster for the DreamHack Winter online qualifier, where they beat The Chavs and GamersOrigin before falling to NWA and The Gatekeepers. This is a highly underwhelming performance for the new team and will especially sting since they were beaten by evokje and Veineless’s former teammates.

Dignitas will be looking to improve with their new additions and potentially switch roles between the team. They have already moved Draceus back to tank, a role he formerly played, and are currently running with both new recruits on support. The team had experimented with art1er in a number of roles before removing him and many of the players are flexible.

While the results in the DHW qualifiers are not expected to be representative of their long-term performance due to recent roster and role swaps, Dignitas will have to improve quickly to maintain their reputation as a top European team.

Neither Dignitas nor the removed players chose to comment at this time. The organisation is expected to announce the changes soon.

The new Dignitas roster is:

  • Marcel “Veineless” Lehmann (support)
  • Elvinas “evokje” Padegimas (support)
  • Rasmus "Draceus" Waern (tank)
  • Joshua “ToxikeN" Campos (flex)
  • Jose Antonio "BromaS" Ramos Glez (dps)
  • Jiri "LiNkzr" Masalin (dps)