In the last hour REUNITED have released an announcement on Facebook that their rookie-turned-star DPS Finley "Kyb" Adisi has "decided to take a step back from professional Overwatch for now". The rest of the team are currently en route to Seoul to compete in OGN's APEX Season 1 where they will be joining Rogue, NRG eSports, Team EnVyUs and a host of Korean teams to fight over a ~$178,000 prize pot.

REUNITED have no intentions of competing 5v6 though and already have fans frothing at the mouth in anticipation with the closing paragraph of the press release:

"Following Kyb’s departure, we have decided to immediately add a new player to the roster. He is currently travelling to meet the team in Korea. We will be announcing the new player shortly, stay tuned for more news tomorrow."

Kyb's decision to step back from the intense demands of professional esports comes at a time when top Overwatch players are facing up to the reality of a career that can no longer be pursued from solely their bedrooms or even their continents. Last month it emerged that Zaprey, another DPS wunderkind was going to pass on the esports dream and part ways with Misfits.

With intercontinental tournaments now the norm it's no longer enough to simply be an incredible player; you are expected to regularly travel the world and perform to the highest level, and at the opportunity cost of whatever else you may want to pursue in your life.

Kyb at the Overwatch Open

Kyb poses for the cameras at the recent Overwatch Open in Atlanta (Credit: REUNITED)

There's nothing to say that Kyb won't return to professional Overwatch at some point, but for now he will continue to stream under the REUNITED banner and cheer his boys on from the UK. He offered these words to his fans in his statement:

"I really enjoyed my time as a pro in Reunited but it all went so fast. I didn’t expect for it to go this well this fast. I need to take some time to think about it what I want to do in the future. Thanks to all my followers/supporters, I hope to stay connected with you guys"

The rest of us will be waiting patiently for news of his replacement.