Triumph Triumph Inactive OFF Lee Jae-in off tank valen Valentín Ontivero dps BucK Viktor Nikolov dps nich Nicholas Taylor tank head coach Nomy and assistant coach Empress have left the team, with Empress joining Square One Square One Inactive as their new head coach.

The two joined the team shortly before the July tournament in Contenders 2020 Season 2: North America. It was nomy’s second coaching role after he transitioned from a tank player, with the first one being with Square One as their head coach.

Empress joins Square One in the aforementioned spot that was previously held by nomy. She has also coached for teams such as Shu's Money Crew EU and Phase 2.

Triumph and Square One are set to compete in the August tournament of Contenders 2020 North America: Season 2, which starts tomorrow.