Team Doge Team Doge Contenders NA Rank #1 AFoxx Fabio Veigas flex support ELLIVOTE Elliot Vaneryd off tank Hybrid Dominic Grove dps Naga Nikolai Dereli dps Salieri Carter Harrison tank Aspen Becca Rukavina support have picked up Triumph coach Jon for their staff.

Jon previously coached for a number of Contenders teams such as XL2 Academy, and was with Triumph since last December. The announcement follows Triumph announcing he and a number of other players parting ways with the organization.

He joins head coach iLka on Team Doge’s staff, who joined the Contenders Season 1: North America champions earlier this month.

Team Doge are set to compete in the July tournament of Contenders Season 2: North America, earning an invite after their first place finish last season.