Féfé , the head coach of the Toronto Defiant Toronto Defiant OWL Rank #18 KariV Park Young-seo (박영서) flex support Nevix Andreas Karlsson off tank Agilities Brady Girardi dps Surefour Lane Roberts dps zYKK Thomas Hosono dps Beast Adam Denton tank Kruise Harrison Pond support , has announced his retirement. The Defiant have announced Lilbow will be the team's interim head coach.

Féfé joined the Defiant in October after previously serving as interim head coach of the Paris Eternal. He began the 2019 season as an assistant coach on their staff.

The Defiant went 3-5 to start the season under Féfé's leadership. The Defiant went 3-18 in the final three stages last season, before Féfé joined the team.

The Defiant's remaining coaches are Lilbow, Albless and Barroi. Lilbow is now the team's head coach, while Barroi will become the team's strategic coach. Albless will remain the team's assistant coach. The Defiant said this will remain their coaching staff for the remainder of the season.

The Defiant play their next match this weekend against the Boston Uprising.