The Overwatch League has fleshed out their public stats library and turned it into the Stats Lab. The Stats Lab, which is in beta, has sections for players, matches, heroes and teamfights.

The Stats Lab will allow users to look at various data from the 2018 and 2019 seasons. Users can search for matches within various stages, stage playoffs and postseason playoffs. They can look for stats within individual maps and within certain date ranges.

The stats depicted include more unconventional stats not measured within the game itself such as Fleta Deadlifts (of which there are only 16 instances in league history) and clutch final blows. Various records and streaks are recorded within individual seasons, for specific maps and across all Overwatch League matches all time.

In the Overwatch League's introduction article on the Stats Lab, Overwatch League Stats Producer Ben "CaptainPlanet" Trautman covers in videos how to find different statistics using the Stats Lab. He said the statistics in the Lab come from tools he created for himself initially for himself and league staff to use.

Previously, the Overwatch League stats tab displayed basic content such as hero playtime, damage, eliminations and other statistics mined from the game's data. The new stats tab has this data as well as additional statistics derived from Trautman's tools.