Flex support player AFoxx has left European Contenders team Angry Titans Angry Titans Contenders EU Rank #6 Doggo Emma Johannesen flex support Knasen Tzor Dahan off tank Love dps Bombiman Jérôme Chicourrat dps KroxZ Loïc Ricci tank sstarb0i Simon Hubeaux support .

AFoxx was the last remaining member of Angry Titans' original roster from 2017 to still be with the team. In fact, he was the only original member to play with the team as they entered Contenders in 2018.

He remained with the team as the roster changed in 2019 in response to players leaving for Overwatch League academy teams and later Overwatch League teams themselves. Before long, he and DPS erki were the only remaining members of the 2018 starting roster to remain with the team.

AFoxx's time with Angry Titans includes a championship in Contenders 2019 Season 1: Europe, runner-up finishes in two other Contenders seasons and a third place finish in the Atlantic Showdown.

The future for AFoxx is unknown. The team did not state whether or not AFoxx is going to a new team and AFoxx himself has not stated that he is a free agent or he is retiring. Three of his former teammates and four of his former coaches are in the Overwatch League and several other teammates and coaches are currently on Overwatch League academy teams.