ESPN's Jacob Wolf reports the Philadelphia Fusion Philadelphia Fusion OWL Rank #8 Alarm Kim Kyeong-bo (김경보) flex support Carpe Lee Jae-hyeok (이재혁) dps Rascal Kim Dong-jun (김동준) dps have signed star DPS player Carpe to a three-year contract extension through the 2022 season. The deal is still pending league approval.

Carpe first joined the Fusion prior to the Overwatch League's inaugural season and he was quickly catapulted into the limelight. He finished third in the 2018 season's MVP race behind JJoNak and Fissure.

He helped elevate the Fusion to the 2018 Overwatch League Grand Finals. He and the team fell short of a title, however, as they lost to the Spitfire in two consecutive series.

Their 2019 season was far less successful and the Fusion were booted during the play-in tournament. While Carpe was once again an All-Star in 2019, he was not a finalist for MVP like he was the season before nor was he nominated for any of the league's other end-of-season awards.

The Fusion have split with four players over the last several days. A fifth player, snillo, is currently listed as a free agent although the Fusion have not announced they are parting with him as of yet.