The Philadelphia Fusion Philadelphia Fusion OWL Rank #4 Fury Kim Jun-ho (김준호) off tank Alarm Kim Kyeong-bo (김경보) flex support Carpe Lee Jae-hyeok (이재혁) dps Ivy Lee Seung-Hyun dps SADO Kim Su-Min (뜨용) tank FunnyAstro Daniel Hathaway support have announced that both of their co-head coaches, NamedHwi and Hayes , are no longer with the team. Hayes announced he was no longer with the team earlier in the week.

Additionally, the Fusion's roster in the Overwatch League's contract status page has been updated. EQO and neptuNo are now listed as players subject to team options, while SADO is now listed as under contract. All three were labelled free agents at the start of the offseason.

NamedHwi, much like Hayes, began his tenure with the Fusion prior to the inaugural season as an assistant coach. After a year in which the Fusion finished as the season's runner-ups, NamedHwi was promoted to the position of co-head coach alongside Hayes.

Their 2019 campaign was not nearly the success their 2018 season was. Although they finished the regular season with a winning record at 15-13, the Fusion only qualified for the play-in tournament. They failed to win their opening game of the play-ins and were eliminated from the postseason as a result.

The Fusion currently have no head coach. Assistant coach ChrisTFer is the only coach remaining on their staff.