Davin , longtime DPS player of Team Gigantti Team Gigantti Inactive zappis Joonas Alakurtti off tank Davin Tuomo Leppänen dps Leaf Lucas Loison dps Milkyman Otto Sarén tank Zuppeh Aleksi Kuntsi support , has declared he will be "taking a break until further notice" and will not compete in the World Cup.

Davin first emerged into Overwatch's top tier as a member of Cyclones in late 2016. He joined the Finnish roster Rest in Pyjamas in the summer of 2017 and joined Team Gigantti alongside his teammates in August of that year.

Following a title in Contenders Season One Europe in 2017, all of his teammates were added onto Overwatch League teams at some point during the 2018 season. Davin was the lone player who remained with the squad as they rebuilt.

After the Overwatch League's 2018 season, all of his teammates were picked up by Overwatch League teams again. Despite his teammates' promotions, Davin remained in Contenders with Team Gigantti.

Davin has won two Contenders Europe titles dating back to Contenders Season One and finished second in two other seasons. In the two seasons Davin and his teammates haven't made it to the grand final, the team finished in the top four.

He has stated that his hiatus from competition is for personal reasons and did not disclose anymore information. He also said he will not look for a new team during his break.

There are no matches on Team Gigantti's schedule until next year when the new Contenders seasons kicks into gear.