All players and staff members of Angry Titans Angry Titans Inactive have become free agents, according to Angry Titans social media manager ReapyRussell speaking on behalf of the organization. The players and staff will be re-signed after the offseason assuming they are not picked up elsewhere.

This follows announcements made by several Angry Titans players and staff members declaring their free agency.

The team has confirmed that the players and staff are not currently under contract, but will will be re-signed if they can't find a better opportunity by December, shortly before the 2020 season of Contenders gets underway.

"This is both beneficial for the organization, because they don’t have to pay salaries in a time without competition," ReapyRussell said. "As well as for the players, because OWL/ Academy teams are way more likely to pickup players without buyouts."

Currently, with the exception of HSL Esports, there are no European competitions scheduled for Contenders teams until 2020. European teams can enter the upcoming Rivalcade Overwatch $5K Rumble, but all matches will be played on North American servers.

So far, flex support AFoxx, main support Phatt, DPS erki, main tank SuperPlouk, head coach iLka and general manager Skwal have all made looking for team posts.