The Washington Justice Washington Justice OWL Rank #12 ELLIVOTE Elliot Vaneryd off tank AimGod Min-seok Kwon flex support Stratus Ethan Yankel dps Corey Corey Nigra dps TTuba Lee Ho-sung (이호성) dps LullSiSH Lukas Wiklund tank rOar Gye Chang-hoon tank ArK Hong Yeon-joon support have announced former Los Angeles Gladiators Community Director and current Team USA General Manager Annalyn "bawlynn" Dang will become the team's new general manager.

The news post on the Justice's website states that Dang will assume the role of general manager starting in the 2020 season.

Her addition follows the retirement of former General Manager Kate Mitchell in May. The team has operated without a permanent replacement for Mitchell since then.

Dang joined the Gladiators as the team's community director soon after the team's formation and she quickly became one of the most well-known faces behind an Overwatch League team's social media account. That experience helped her become the community lead for the 2018 USA World Cup team, which in turn helped her become Team USA's general manager the following year.

She will continue to serve as Team USA's 2019 general manager while also fulfilling the duties of her new role.

The Justice are 7-19 on the season. They have gone undefeated thus far in Stage 4 and are currently on a five match winning streak.

Their play their final two matches of the season this weekend. Their first match will take place on Friday when they play against the Atlanta Reign. They will play again on Sunday when they take on the Paris Eternal.