The Overwatch League has announced in a news post the format for next season's schedule, which will include homestand weekends for every team in the Overwatch League. Additionally, teams will be further divided into both divisions and conferences and there will no longer be stages and stage playoffs.

In total, 52 homestand weekends will take place next season. Each team will host at least two homestands and each division will have three additional homestands. Matches will be played on weekends at times optimized for local markets.

The Atlantic and Pacific divisions will now be the Atlantic Conference and the Pacific Conference. There will be two divisions in each conference. The Atlantic Conference will be divided into the North and South divisions and the Pacific Conference will be divided into the East and West divisions.

The Atlantic North will include the Uprising, Eternal, Spitfire, Excelsior and the Defiant. The Atlantic South will include the Fusion, Justice, Mayhem, Outlaws and the Reign. The Pacific East will include the Dragons, Dynasty, Spark, Charge and the Hunters. The Pacific West will include the Titans, Gladiators, Valiant, Fuel and the Shock.

The Dallas Fuel and the Washington Justice announced on Twitter they will host five homestands next year. Additionally, the Washington Post reported that the Guangzhou Charge will also host five homestands.

If true, that means the three additional homestands in the Atlantic South, the Pacific East and the Pacific West will be played in Washington, Guangzhou and Dallas, respectively. The locations for the Atlantic North's homestands have yet to be revealed.

Each team will play 28 match schedules that see them play opponents from outside their conference once and opponents from inside their conference twice, just as they do this year. Unlike this year, teams' schedules will not be broken up into four stages of seven matches.

"Due to travel and scheduling requirements, the 2020 season will no longer be split into stages," the Overwatch League stated in their news post. "But we will have an awesome midseason All-Stars event." This means matches will take place every week of the season and the league will schedule in bye weeks for every team to give players breaks.

The news post stated the full schedule for the 2020 season will be released in August.