The official Overwatch Esports account has announced on Weibo that Never Lose Weight Never Lose Weight Inactive Lie Huang Haoxuan (黄皓轩) off tank HUIYI Tang Yu (唐宇) flex support WON Kuo Zhan-Hao dps Derive dps WeiLa1OvO tank Zihee Gong Zixi (龚子熙) support (now VT Gaming) had engaged in ringing during the most recent season of Trials China. As such, the players have been suspended from Contenders play for the rest of the year.

Additionally, Never Lose Weight's spot in the next season of Contenders China has been revoked, which is now awarded to the next placed team in Trials, Phantom Wizard Phantom Wizard Contenders CN Rank #9 TenTen Liao Jinghan off tank Ketto Wang Yihao (王艺皓) flex support Destiny dps VVVV Wu Junlin dps Chas3r tank AMY Ahn Min-yeong (안민영) support .

According to the official ruling, players Apr1ta and SKTotto were caught using the accounts of Derive and HUIYI to play in nLw's Trials matches. Both Apr1ta and SKTotto were ineligible to play in Trials due to them being under the age of 16, the minimum age to play in Contenders China.

Phantom Wizard will now take over the Contenders spot previously held by nLw. PW came in fifth place during Trials with a 2-4 match record, including a 2-1 loss to nLw.

The next season of Contenders China is set to begin on July 1.