Israeli DPS Player Wayfast has left Bermuda Bermuda Contenders NA Rank #15 Guru Zechariah Koppes off tank Pizzademon Brent Lanoix flex support ultimawep Brandon Wilson dps Umtae Um Tae-hyeong (엄태형) tank Ojee Christian Han support and entered free agency.

The 17-year old player joined the team in late February after falling short of reaching Contenders through Contenders trials with Outta My Game Outta My Game Inactive TwolzZ Thimo Wilts off tank KaasIsBaas Lars Van Oorschot flex support ChoccyMilk support .

Wayfast gave some thoughts about his journey with Bermuda and reflected on some past experiences in a twitlonger post, which can be found below:

I had a day off today and I had a lot of time to spend with myself and think about things, the word "why" specifically popped up a lot.

I remembered that a few weeks ago I was watching an old Orgless & Hungry VOD and I thought to myself "wow I was insane back then". So I started asking myself why, why do I feel like I am not good now and why was I good and happy back then? That's when I came across Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (which btw I had actually done a school project on last year which is crazy), I went through every stage of it trying to realize why I don't feel happy and competent today, and why I did back in Orgless. I realized that the need I can't meet with Bermuda and that I did meet with Orgless is "belonging", belonging to a team and feeling like an accepted member of a team. I felt that Orgless was my family, you can't change your family, and that's why I feel like I don't belong in Bermuda. I realized that when I was trying to improve in Bermuda I wasn't doing it for myself, I was simply doing it because I wanted to belong and be a part of the team, all I wanted was to not have the threat of getting replaced, that was my goal, to not be benched, and I think it's that because of that exact reason that I ended up getting myself benched.

I don't blame the team's staff or players, maybe it's my fault and my attitude is just wrong, maybe it's unfixable, maybe I will have to work to fix it, and maybe it will fix itself in the next team I find. I know a lot of people will say this tweet is bad PR and that I have a bad attitude because everything I just described is a big part of being in a team especially in OWL where no team has a 6 man roster but I needed to write this down and if a team doesn't pick me up because of this tweet then so be it, my ultimate goal isn't to find a good team, it's to find myself, but in order to find myself I need to have all of my needs met, in Orgless I missed "self esteem" and in Bermuda I missed "belonging".

With that said I am now looking for team, I'm not in bad terms with any of the players and staff, hope each person on that team finds success and I don't regret my time there, it helped me learn a lot about myself and hopefully I can find a family.

Bermuda currently sits in last place in the Contenders NA standings with a 1-5 win-loss record. They recently defeated Uprising Academy Uprising Academy Contenders NA Rank #14 Dino Hunter Traupe flex support punk Leyton Gilchrist off tank Klaus Nicolas Ferrari dps iced dps Swimmer Gabriel Levy support 3-2, earning the squad their first win in Contenders. In that match, Guru was seen filling in for Wayfast's role. That win marked Guru's first ever contenders match victory.

Their final match of the regular season will be against Gladiators Legion Gladiators Legion Contenders NA Rank #10 Bischu Aaron Kim off tank Dalton Dalton Bennyhoff dps Water Lee Min-seong (이민성) dps Panker Lee Byung-ho (이병호) tank Roolf Randal Stark support Luddee Ludvig Håkansson support on April 15.

The roster of Bermuda Bermuda Contenders NA Rank #15 Guru Zechariah Koppes off tank Pizzademon Brent Lanoix flex support ultimawep Brandon Wilson dps Umtae Um Tae-hyeong (엄태형) tank Ojee Christian Han support currently is:

  • Carter "Carter" Smith (DPS)
  • Brandon "ultimawep" Wilson (DPS)
  • Pfleger "Shuh" Alban (Off-tank)
  • Zechariah "Guru" Koppes (Off-tank)
  • Um "Umtae" Tae-hyeong (엄태형) (Tank)
  • Christian "Ojee" Han (Support)
  • Brent "Pizzademon" Lanoix (Support)