Following investigations by the Contenders office, it has been announced on Weibo that six players from Contenders China have been found guilty of account boosting and sharing.

The six players, Fish , farway , Bible , hanhan , THEST1EET , and fenlie , have all been suspended for the first season of Contenders 2019.

Alter-Ego Alter-Ego China Rank # Kaze Li Jiatian (李嘉田) off tank RICK Tong Yanzhi (童彦智) off tank bzzb flex support X8lack Tian Ye (田野) dps Giant Haonan Zhang dps Xixi Liu Shangjia (刘尚佳) dps taRocook1e Zhong Yunlong (钟云龙) dps JayChou Xue Feng (薛锋) tank Mei9 Wang Chao support and Team For Victory Team For Victory China Rank # 网恋司马 off tank Fish Rao Chengcheng (饶承城) dps Bible Ma Delin (马德林) dps Niko Moon Seong-jin dps ming Wang Ming dps ShenShi Fang Xiangdong (方向东) dps Or15a Huangfu Dehan tank 120kg tank Saya flex Jimmy Lin Ze (林泽) support each have two players suspended, while Flag Gaming Flag Gaming Contenders CN Rank # Lie Huang Haoxuan (黄皓轩) off tank yaoxie Zhang Jihang (张继航) off tank evillx Zhao Hanbin (赵瀚滨) dps mAsk He Zhongming (何钟铭) dps ShowCheng Cheng Yu (程宇) dps MelonZ Tian Baoyu (田宝钰) tank P1LY024 Zhou Xiang (周翔) support Fengm1an Fan Qi (樊奇) support and Big Time Regal Gaming Big Time Regal Gaming China Rank # Arong Song Hyun-jung flex support LiGe Jia Chengjie (贾城杰) off tank Cloud Huik Tak dps Skyshow Wan Wenjun (万文均) dps Kayleee Zou Zijie dps Wonz Won Jiseop tank YangYang Zou Mingyang (邹明洋) tank WinWinQ Wang Wenjin (汪文锦) support have one each.

The most notable suspension is farway who returns to the professional scene after retiring due to injury. He played for LGD Gaming LGD Gaming Contenders CN Rank # Rookie Wang Jundong (王俊东) off tank Kaneki Liu Nian (刘念) dps wanli Xue Wanli (邹万里) dps tanqiu Qiu Tianyi (邱天毅) tank Secret Zhao Xu (赵旭) support HaoYoQian Wu Gengtuo (吴梗拓) support Lux Xu Kunbin (许坤彬) support in Contenders Season 1 2018, and represented Team China at BlizzCon in the 2017 World Cup. His team, Flag Gaming, have put out a statement saying that they respect the ruling and that he will be benched for the remainder of the season.

All players save THEST1EET have played for their respective teams in the previous week of Contenders. In particular, fenlie, farway, Fish, and Bible have started in all maps in the match their teams have played. The teams will have to find replacements following the players' suspensions before the next week of Contenders commences.