The official Overwatch Esports account has announced on Weibo that 12 players who participated in Overwatch Contenders 2019 Season 1 Trials: China have engaged in account boosting and will be serving suspensions for the upcoming seasons of Contenders.

QingRong of SFDD, sago and taRocook1e of Alter-Ego, and lsy of CQUPT will be ineligible to play in Contenders 2019 Season 1. Qingli of Team For Victory, K1ngkong of Alter-Ego, and YiRuJiWang , DID , ErFan , Lijiang , and TouMing of SFDD will be ineligible to play in Contenders for both seasons of 2019. Finally, tudousi of SFDD will be permanently banned from competitive play.

All but one of SFDD's eight players boosted accounts. Three players from Alter-Ego were punished for account boosting. One player each from Team for Victory and CQUPT engaged in account boosting.

Additionally, due to multiple players engaging in account boosting, SFDD SFDD Inactive YiRuJiWang off tank ErFan flex support QingRong Lu Qingrong (卢清榕) dps CanYe dps DID tank tudousi support will be disqualified from Contenders. In their place, Alter-Ego Alter-Ego Inactive Kaze Li Jiatian (李嘉田) off tank RICK Tong Yanzhi (童彦智) off tank bzzb flex support X8lack Tian Ye (田野) dps GiantHN Haonan Zhang dps Xina Liu Shangjia (刘尚佳) dps taRocook1e Zhong Yunlong (钟云龙) dps Reborn Xue Feng (薛锋) tank Kama Wang Chao (王朝) support , who came in third place in Trials, will qualify for Contenders.

Contenders China will begin March 16.