According to an announcement on the public Open Division Discord server, the amount of teams that will be promoted from Open Division to Trials this season has been set for each region. They are subject to change up until the end of Open Division playoffs.

Europe will see the smallest number of teams enter Trials from Open Division. Only one European Open Division team will enter Contenders Trials Europe 2019 Season 1.

Two teams will be promoted into Trials from Open Division in several regions, including Korea, South America and Australia. Additionally, two or more teams will enter Trials from Open Division Pacific.

Four teams, the same as any other season, will enter Contenders Trials China from Open Division.

Six teams from Open Division North America will enter Contenders Trials. Contenders North America will be split into two regions in 2019.

The first season of Contenders 2019 is one with massive shakeups in large part because of changes made to the Contenders ruleset for 2019.

Most regions will only have eight teams competing each season rather than 12 and all academy teams are automatically invited back to the first season of Contenders 2019. As a result, more teams have been relegated to Trials from Contenders in most regions.

There has yet to be a date publicly announced for the start of Trials across all regions. The Open Division regular season is currently wrapping up and teams are preparing to enter the playoffs.