Chinese Contenders team LGD Gaming LGD Gaming Contenders CN Rank #2 Rookie Wang Jundong (王俊东) off tank Eternal Liu Nian (刘念) dps tanqiu Qiu Tianyi (邱天毅) tank ShowCheng Cheng Yu (程宇) flex Secret Zhao Xu (赵旭) support hoyoqian Wu Gengtuo (吴梗拓) support have announced the additions of three new players: mg , tanqiu and Rookie (previously Rookie).

mg played flex tank for the Shanghai Dragons for the first half of the season before he was replaced by Geguri in the later stages. He rejoins LGD after spending nearly a year with the organization prior to joining the Overwatch League.

tanqiu and INK were teammates together on Vici Gaming and Hero Taciturn Panther. tanqiu spent nearly two years with Vici, while INK was with the organization for nearly a year. They will reunite with former Vici support Secret by joining LGD.

The join an LGD squad in the midst of major changes after back-to-back runner-up finishes in Contenders China. The organization has yet to announce their final lineup for the next Contenders season, which commences later this month.