The BEAT Invitational has announced the last two teams to compete in Season 5 of the event. The final pair will be GOATs GOATs Inactive Hooey Estevao Gama off tank ByZenith naGGa Nikolai Dereli dps Nomy David Ramirez tank Tensa Joshua Small support Wavey Brandon Pescador support and Phase 2 Phase 2 Inactive Kevin off tank Wub Cameron Johnson dps Sinker Robert Avery dps Duplicate tank Insomniaq Jason Knittle support Mohr Marshall Mohr support , both of which are currently competing in Contenders Trials.

Both GOATs and Phase 2 are currently in the top four of Contenders Trials North America after qualifying for Trials through Open Division playoffs. They join Trials teams Skyfoxes Skyfoxes Contenders NA Rank #11 claris Lee Gun-ho (이건호) dps NoName Lee Won-jae dps Duzi Kim Chang-Jae (김창재) tank , Bye Week Bye Week North America Rank #0 lefaa Patrik Mike dps Jade John Gambrel dps hobbs Austin Hobbs dps ChroNoDotA tank Pizzademon Brent Lanoix support Calyoon support and Second Wind Second Wind Contenders NA Rank #4 FrdWnr Nathan Goebel off tank Frill Corey Scoda dps MirroR Chris Trịnh dps Akawa Adrian Kawa tank Haku Robert Blohm support Tehpwnzorr Joshua Nguyen support in the BEAT Invitational.

GOATs will be looking to defend their title after taking home the BEAT Invitational Season 4 championship. NRG Esports, the team they beat in the grand final of Season 4, is also competing in the fifth season of BEAT.

In addition, the remaining casters have been announced. ZP will cast everyday of the tournament, Reinforce will cast on October 19 and October 21, Heurix will cast October 20 and Jaws will cast October 21.

BEAT Invitational Season 5 is set to begin Friday, October 19 with a match between Last Night's Leftovers and Bye Week. All matches will be streamed on BEAT's Twitch channel and ticked on

UPDATE: This story has been updated following the BEAT announcement of the talent lineup.