A mix of free agents and players from 2KILL Gaming and Black Dragons e-Sports have formed The Suquinho Nation. The team will compete in Contenders Trials with the spot originally owned by 2KILL Gaming.

Darken2k and RanK come from 2KILL Gaming while Delevingne comes from Black Dragons e-Sports. Delevingne played with Darken2k and RanK on 2KILL previously, although only for a few days.

Lubbock , Julls and Negofist all join the team as free agents. Lubbock last played for Team GDV Esports. Julls and Negofist last played in 2017 for Hiten e-Sports, a team Delevingne was also on.

The team will play in Trials, taking over the spot of a 2KILL team that finished last in their group in Contenders Season 2 South America. The players left the organization following the end of the season. Dates for the next season of Trials have yet to be announced.

The Suquinho Nation is: