Argentina Game Show has announced its Copa Overwatch tournament set to have a LAN final in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Teams from across South America will be able to compete for 50,000 Argentine Pesos (~$1295 USD).

There will be four qualifiers held between September and October to decide on the final four of the tournament. The best-of-three semifinals will be held online, while the best-of-five grand finals will be held at LAN on October 28. All of the action will be streamed on

The 50,000 Argentine Peso prize pool will be divided between the tournament's top two teams. The winner will receive 35,000 (~$906) while the runner-ups will receive 15,000 (~$388).

The host organization will pay for flights and hosting for the finalists, although they will only pay for flights out of Sao Paulo, Santiago, Montevideo and Lima.

South America is the only Contenders region that has not yet had a LAN final. As a result, this will be South America's first major LAN of 2018.