Skyfoxes Skyfoxes Contenders NA Rank #4 salty Noah Smith off tank Mudkip Steven Saucedo flex support Asking William Vetter dps Speedily Nicholas Zou dps mikeyy Michael Konicki tank CrusaDe Ryan van Wegen support head coach Obasill has announced his departure from the squad. He is now looking for a new team.

During his tenure with Skyfoxes, the team finished second in Contenders Trials with a 6-1 record and 11th/12th in Contenders with a 0-5 record. The team will have to go back to Contenders Trials to play in the next season of Contenders.

The remaining coaches on the Skyfoxes staff are RayReign, Faustus, jcb and Bosco. Bosco will become the team's new head coach.

The next match for Skyfoxes is currently unknown. Currently they are scheduled to play in Contenders Trials, dates for which have yet to be announced.

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly listed the team's coaching staff. The story has been updated to correct that.