Canadian esports organization Mirage Sport Électronique Mirage Sport Électronique North America Rank #3 FicaH off tank J3sus Christopher Pavloff dps Aether Parker Lewis dps ProGi Julian Maier tank Haku Robert Blohm support CarCar Carson First support has announced their entry into the upcoming season of Contenders Trials. After failing to qualify through Open Division, the team has gained entry by purchasing the spot of Simplicity, according to the team's manager.

Mirage Sport Électronique finished the regular season of Open Division Season 2 North America undefeated and earned themselves favorable seeding in the playoffs. However they finished just short of making it into the top four of Open Division. Only the top four Open Division teams earn an automatic qualification to Contenders Trials.

Nonetheless, the team played in the ongoing Pit Championship North America. They wound up going against the only two academy teams in the tournament. While they managed to take maps off of NRG Esports and Fusion University, they failed to win any matches.

Several players and staff members formerly on Simplicity have announced their free agency and this will be the third straight tournament the team has dropped out of. While no official announcements have been made, this is likely the end of Simplicity's Overwatch operations.

Contenders Trials Season 2 North America begins June 9.