Meta Gaming has dropped a player from both its Meta Athena Meta Athena Korea Rank #0 Silvercoin Park Hwa-rang off tank innovation Oh Seok-hyun (오석현) dps Whoru Lee Seung-joon (이승준) dps Enocass Bae Ji-hyeok (배지혁) tank Lr1s Kim Seung-Hyun (김승현) support LE3BUL Park Joon-Eung (박준영) support and Meta Bellum Meta Bellum Korea Rank #0 rosters. Additionally, the organization has added AVALLA as an assistant coach.

Bigbox played only two maps for Meta Athena during Contenders after joining the team a few months prior. He is now a free agent following his release from the organization.

Hyeonu played five maps between two matches for Meta Bellum during Contenders. He first joined the organization in August of 2017 to play support for Athena before moving to Bellum in October. He is also now a free agent following his release.

AVALLA previously coached the academy team of the Houston Outlaws, OpTic Academy OpTic Academy Inactive Voll Matthew Wallace off tank SharP Hugo Sahlberg dps Kellar Justin Kellar dps fischer Mads Jehg dps smurf Yoo Myeong-Hwan tank Greyy Luís Perestrelo support Aid Go Jae-yoon (고재윤) support . Under her coaching, OpTic finished among North America's top four and qualified for LAN in Poland.

Meta Bellum has already secured a place in the next season of Contenders, while Meta Athena will have to play its way back in through Trials following a winless run in the group stage of the most recent season.