Finnish esports organization ENCE eSports ENCE eSports Inactive OLBAA Oula Räsänen dps Lalli Matias Kivimäki dps Ruape Roope Kurkela tank Cali Kalle Ylönen flex snappe Robin Uotila support elfi Samuli Sihvonen support has announced the release of their Overwatch squad following its failure to qualify for Contenders Season 2. The organization plans to remain in Overwatch.

The team underwent a rebuild beginning in December when two of its players, lhcloudy and Ripa, joined Team Gigantti Team Gigantti Contenders EU Rank # Davin Tuomo Leppänen dps shadder2k Robert Mocanu dps rCk Richard Kanerva flex Ripa Riku Toivanen support Masaa Petja Kantanen support . The roster's only remaining player, Cali, and its newly appointed team captain, OLBAA, picked the remaining four players needed for the team.

Unfortunately, the rebuilt roster failed to get results. The team failed to qualify for Contenders Trials for the first season Overwatch Contenders Europe 2018, and have once again failed to qualify for the upcoming season of Trials. As a result, the entire roster and the team's Overwatch staff have been released.

ENCE has stated its goal is to make it into Overwatch Contenders, and thus will likely build a new roster before the third Open Division season of 2018.