If you want the tl;dr a quick glance at the tweets peppering this article should sum things up quite succinctly… one side of the story at least, as REUNITED had been remaining tight lipped on why exactly they had decided to bench their outspoken DPS, Eric "2Easy" van Hoorn, this afternoon.

Over the last eight hours 2Easy has been a man going through the emotional spectrum, shocked by his team mates decision to suspend him from play and try out other options. The core of REUNITED has played together for years across multiple titles, winning a slew of silverware in the process and developing the kind of teamwork and professional approach to competition that has seen them maintain a position in and around the top three of Europe since the closed beta days of yore.

However, recent results suggest that REUNITED may have stalled out just as teams across the globe were turbocharging their training schedules. Those of you who follow 2Easy on Twitter will know that he has had a number of study commitments eating in to his practise schedule, which almost certainly has been a contributing factor to REUNITED's stagnation.

Shortly after the news broke on Twitter 2Easy spoke to GosuGamers:

"I don't even know what to feel. I was streaming and was told there was a meeting so I quit the stream and then basically I got told they want to test new players instead of me for the next week. It all comes on a weird moment since I can finally play full-time now. I am still planning to play OW fulltime and competitively for a top tier team, let's see what will come my way."

It seemed tragic that at the very moment when 2Easy was ready to once again dedicate himself to Overwatch he find himself frozen out of the team he helped to found. I was intrigued to learn more about the bizarre events so I quizzed the man himself on Discord – here's what I learned:

I just read your comment on GosuGamers. What about the business side of things, are you not a stakeholder in REUNITED? Would they have to buy you out if you join another team?

probably some sort of agreement

if I eventually get out

they will test players until wednesday or sth

Do you know who they will try out?

they are trying Shadez


What reasons did they give you for the move?

being toxic they said

when they told me few days ago I need to calm down

I didn't whine or whatever when we lost

but still


dunno man

it's like

I was toxic

last 3-4 weeks

a bit

but it's also related to personal life

my parents are in divorce etc

don't think its 100% fair

You have been studying hard to complete your degree too…


didn't practice much last 4weeks

cause of bachelor thesis

and now I take 1 year off

for masters degree

and then they kick me


Do you think your own performance has been poor in game over the period?


not compared to others

I can be way better

but still it was relatively oke

When they say you were toxic, was it like you were getting mad at yourself on comms?

I was getting mad when people made stupid mistakes

it got worse last few weeks

but I think I am just a bit stressed out

Yeah it was unfortunate that you had less time to play during the period where all other teams and players are going HAM after launch…

unlucky timing indeed

but last few days I have been grinding

and already a significant improvement

also in scrims

we were beating or playing on a equal field with rogue/CE and misfits

it seems so rushed this decision

What do you see as the problem for REUNITED at the minute then?

I don't see one at all. We as a team didn't practice like other teams did since launch, mainly cause of my study

You have played with some of these guys for years, had there ever been any issues or "atmosphere" in the team in the past?


Have you had any offers yet… or will you wait to see the outcome?


sadly not

I don't mind playing in EU or NA

I can move whenever

I will not wait the outcome

They either want me or they don't

reunited that is

So you are done?

Not neccesarly

but close to done.

How does it make you feel?

Sad mostly

I was really looking forward to put all my energy in this game with this team

and was really sure we could be top contenders in the Gamescom tournament

Yeah that is the most confusing part to me, like following you on Twitter it seemed like you were finally READY!

Yup... I know I didn't play an A-game last 4 weeks but it was still on a level that was above average

the slump reunited is in right now has nothing to do with me not performing on a high level

it's the fact that we didn't adapt well to the new patch

me and vallutaja were the main force pre-patch behind this team

him as mcree and me as widowmaker

It's also weird since I am one of the most flexible players in reunited

I never limited myself to 2-3 heroes

Are you considering undertaking your masters this year at all or are you committed to playing OW professionally?

Committed to playing OW for 1 year


Have you quit now?

not 100% sure but I'm looking already

You could still be a free agent recruited by REUNITED?

most likely not whahaha

Finally, hours after it all began to unfold REUNITED issued a statement on Facebook:

"Today it has been decided that Eric "2Easy" van Hoorn will temporarily step down from his position as a player in REUNITED. We wish to stress that we're currently opting potential changes in order to strengthen the team before Gamescom. A statement will come within the next coming weeks, in the meanwhile stay tuned."

Isn't stepping down usually a voluntary action? Jumped or pushed, whatever happens you can be sure this won't be the last you've heard from 2Easy...