The London Spitfire have brought back Agape to the team's coaching staff. He first coached the team from November through January, just before the opening week of the season.

Agape was first a member of the coaching staff prior to the opening of Overwatch League's inaugural season, helping form the team's early strategies. Although he left the team before the Spitfire's first regular season match, the team credits him with helping setup their Stage 1 title run.

Agape is the first coach or player signing to be signed by new Spitfire general manager Susie Kim. His previous experiences include coaching for LuxuryWatch Blue, the roster that formed the base for the league leading New York Excelsior.

Agape's scheduled arrival at the end of May sets his return for the middle of Stage 4, just a few weeks before the end of the regular season. Until then, he will work remotely with the team while changgoon and JFeel will continue to work with the team on-site.