Toronto Esports, the academy team of the Boston Uprising, has announced the acquisition of Axxiom. The team has also parted ways with Pumple.

Toronto has been under fire for adding Axxiom, formerly Quinas, a player who was known for boosting in Korea. While the organization acknowledges his boosting history, the organization has stated it does not action against players for past offenses.

With the switch from Pumple to Axxiom, Toronto Esports goes from one former Foxes tank to another. Pumple, who earned a 1-1 record in two matches played for Toronto, is now a free agent.

In the two matches Axxiom has played since being picked up by Toronto, the team has gone 2-0 with a 7-1 map record. Toronto is now atop their group with two matches remaining in Contenders Season 1 2018 North America.