Just a few days after announcing their acquisition of the WS Esports roster, Battalion Esports have made changes to the squad. RanK and Uzi have joined the squad, with the former taking the place of Koni, who departed from the team. Additionally, the team has added SirKnoW as an analyst.

RanK joins the team as a support, while Uzi joins as an off-tank. The former will bring veteran experience to the team, playing for a number of South American teams in the past, including Hiten e-Sports. The latter on the otherhand is relatively new to the highest level of South American Overwatch, but team manager doctorbones has shown confidence in their new pickup. "Uzi is an inexperienced player but we believe he can evolve as a player and teammate over time," he said.

Koni's departure from the team comes from interests between him and the rest of the team that didn't align and other misunderstandings.

Analyst SirKnoW is the second staff member to be added to the team, joining team manager doctorbones.

The next match for Battalion Esports will be broadcasted Thursday, March 30th against Nocturns Gaming.