Argentinean support player kaizak has joined Isurus Gaming. He is the first player to join the original six that formed following their performance as Team Argentina in the 2017 World Cup.

Kaizak joins Isurus Gaming with plenty of prior experience with the team's players and staff. He played alongside Isurus head coach Bassoid on Riders of the Storm during 2016's Liga Brasileira de Overwatch Season 1. After Riders of the Storm split, he played with leviataN, Beast, Nekta and Bassoid once again on Furious Gaming. When the Argentinean World Cup team was formed, the team split and Kaizak joined Centaurus Gaming.

According to Isurus manager Ornellas, the team was seeking a replacement for Battletoad due to personal problems that made it unable for him to devote himself to the game the way the team needed.

Kaizak has been known for his Ana, Zenyatta and Mercy rather than his Lucio, but Ornellas was confident it wouldn't be a problem. "In the current state of the meta it´s much more important to be able to flex properly between all support combinations, since all support share a common logic and knowledge," he said. "We had no doubt he would fit right in and be up to the challenge of having to play a 'new' hero."

"In the few weeks we have been playing with him his Lucio has improved a lot. It's a product of his own training, the help of the team, and the feedback from both Jon and Bassoid," Ornellas said. He also mentioned that Kaizak's support hero pool has allowed the team to play just about any composition that they desire.

"Isurus Gaming knows there is always room for improvement, but we know for sure that Kaizak has earned his place among the best in South America and we are very happy to have him on board," said Ornellas. "The best is yet to come."