The final week of the opening stage of the Overwatch League's first season was always going to be special, especially with the teams so close entering stage playoffs. All our games this week come from Day 4 in an unbelievable conclusion to the first quarter. When you consider APEX usually only had two matches per day, this might be the best single day of Overwatch we have ever seen; cram packed with huge games, intelligent gameplay and superstar players. Virtually the entirety of day four was worth watching both for the narrative of Season 1 and the gameplay itself; it cannot be understated how good this week was. If you missed it, sit back, relax and enjoy the best Games from Stage 1, Week 5.

Game of the Week: New York Excelsior v London Spitfire

After Day 4 of the Overwatch League, you would not be blamed for believing Stage 1 to be scripted. A rematch of the opening fixture of the day as the top two teams from Stage 1 clashed. It started with a bang as Pine brought the style and Saebyeolbe brought the fire. Despite playing nine maps already that day, London Spitfire battled back to create a mesmerising final. It is not often a final lives up to the hype, but this one certainly did. A fitting conclusion to an incredibly exciting opening Stage 1, and a great way to christen the inaugural season of the Overwatch League.

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Other notable games:

New York Excelsior v London Spitfire

The opening game of this epic Saturday saw the teams go toe-to-toe with heavy hits from both sides. The London Spitfire showed that last weeks result against the Seoul Dynasty was no fluke with a strong start. birdring was the standout as an aggressive Spitfire picked apart the normally rock-solid defense of NYXL. Both teams adapted as the game went back and forth, showing new compositions and strategies as they tried to edge ahead of the other. A treat of high-level Overwatch, that was somehow upstaged by games later in the day.

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Houston Outlaws v Boston Uprising

A match of enormous importance with playoff implications for four teams. It was always going to be a spectacle for that reason alone, but it was filled with plenty of twists and turns to make it one of the most exciting games of the opening Overwatch League season so far. Huge plays and devastating errors kept this game on a knife’s edge until the bitter end. This game was always going to be fascinating but it delivered in every way and is a must watch from this week. Be warned; this match is not for the faint-hearted.

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